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When you finally obtain the privilege of being able to drive i.e. get your driver's license, the best way to hone your skill is to get behind the wheel and drive. Chances are if you just started driving then getting a brand new car might not be the best option, just in case of any accidents. So if you're going down the used vehicle route, then there are some things that you should consider before making your purchase.

So, your hours of searching every online auto ad have finally paid off. You’ve found the right car, at the right price. But, there’s a catch—it’s been in an accident. This means you have a few extra steps to take before you head off to the bank to commit to a monthly payment.

1. Talk to the Repair Man

The Nissan Sentra is a nice compact car for buyers who need amenities, features and design of a mid-size sedan for a good price. The Sentra is not as fun to drive as Ford Focus or Mazda 3, but that doesn't prevent it from overcoming the competitors in recent years. In 2016, Nissan Sentra got some mid-cycle refreshed design.

Volkswagen Jetta's body is even smoother than the Golf's, it's a great vehicle to drive. It's stable at high speed, sharp, well-controlled and firm over potholes. However, the electric power steering wheel may feel like it doesn't give the driver enough feedback.

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