Vin Check for Vehicles That Have Been in Accidents

Vin Check for Vehicles That Have Been in Accidents

So, your hours of searching every online auto ad have finally paid off.You’ve found the right car, at the right price.But, there’s a catch—it’s been in an accident. This means you have a few extra steps to take before you head off to the bank to commit to a monthly payment.

1. Talk to the Repair Man

Regardless of the extent of the damage, it can’t hurt to talk with the guy who fixed the car. If he’s a reputable guy, he’ll give you his honest answers about the work he did. If he’s not reputable, then you already have your answer.

2. Take it For an Inspection

A certified mechanic who performs inspections will fail his own sister’s car just to protect his accreditations. So, he’s going to tell you everything the car needs without hesitation.

3. The Truth is in the Title

If the car’s title says “rebuilt” or “salvage”, you should probably look elsewhere. There’s a good chance that you are buying potential problem. Not only are you going to struggle getting a loan, insurance companies will shy away as well.

4. Think Long Term

Look at the big picture. If you knew the car was damaged when you bought it, it will be just as easy for the person you sell it to learn the same information. While resale may not matter to you too much right now, it will later. The buying cycle perpetuates. You will need the money from this car for your next car, and an accident will lower what you get.

5. Check Vin History

Use an accident checker. You may find that the vehicle has only been in a little fender bender, which often means there will be no hidden damage. But, a more serious accident can mean that you are going to end up paying a lot more than you bargain for.


When buying a car, you need to be careful. Always check the VIN for accident reports. Don’t throw caution to the wind just because you like the car and the payment is within your budget. It could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

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